Hi, Bottle Rocket Photography is me,  Annie Lawrence, a photographer based out of northern Wisconsin, but service Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin & beyond!!!!!   I could sit here and tell you how passionate I am about photography, but judging by the fact that I do this for a living, you probably know that already.

Lets get into the good stuff instead, shall we?

I am really into jellyfish.  They are probably my favorite animal.  Not quite an obsession but you have to agree, they are a pretty amazing creature.  Heck, I’ve even eaten one…not too bad either.  Both visually stunning, and pretty tasty.  Ahh, the wonderful jellyfish!

I consider marrying Jared the #1 best decision of my whole life.  I pooped my pants in a volcano on our honeymoon and it really didn’t even phase him.  He also is an excellent father to our two daughters!

I will get dirty for a great shot.  I have been attacked by red ants, mosquitoes, and pretty much every other kind of insect, fell in a river in the middle of winter, fell on a cactus, and have tripped and fallen on my face.

My greatest fears are bears, spiders, monkeys, and outliving my children.

I have spent the last 17 years living all over the country, and recently moved back to northern Wisconsin and couldn’t be happier.  Gotta love the midwest!

I consider mascara the greatest gift to womankind.  Ever.

I am addicted to travel, but my addiction has been put on hold for the time being unless someone wants to babysit my two little girls for a month while I head to India.

Still not enough information?  Feel up for babysitting the girls for a month while Jared and I go on vacation? Or maybe you just want to book a session.  E-mail me, or Facebook me.